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team development

When a team works as a team, great potential can be released. People respect each other, know each other's strengths and weaknesses, and cooperation is characterized by trust and appreciation. Instead of making a name for themselves at the expense of others, every team member works towards the bigger picture. Feedback is given openly and with a focus on development, enabling the receiving person to integrate it.
Conversely, a dysfunctional team leads to massive losses in performance and raising levels of frustration and distrust, which often results in regretted losses of core employees. 

trust building

Team development workshops help to improve interaction within the team. Whether as part of the onboarding of new managers, to strengthen trust within an existing team, or to provide new impulses - the objective is as individual as the respective team.

The exact objective will be clarified in a briefing call. On this base, our trainer creates a proposal for the individual team development measure. Depending on the objectives, individual discussions with all team members, at minimum with the team leader, take place in advance of the workshop in order to better understand the systemic context and to be able to work out the specific questions to be answered. If indicated, a selection of diagnostics questionnaires can be integrated into the rework for the workshop to enable the participants to reflect on individual differences on a deeper level. 

The workshops usually last 1-2 days and can be held on-site at the company or as part of an offsite. 

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