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Executive coaching

Sometimes you need space and time to think through certain things in peace. Acknowledging the problem and focusing on the solution. An unbiased sparring partner who asks the right questions, listens, and appreciates. This is executive coaching.

transformational conversations

Whatever your goal may be when you come into coaching, whether you already know it or just have the feeling that you want to change something - the answer lays already within you. What is missing is the “thinking space”, someone who listens without already having his own solution ready, who reflects, questions and sometimes provokes. Someone who makes you leave your comfort zone allowing for new thoughts, ensuring the strictest confidentiality standards.

As a qualified psychologist with more than 20 years of experience in management consulting as well as in senior management positions at DAX companies and a member of the ICF, I have the technical expertise and relevant professional experience to be your sparring partner.

Isabella Drolz, Vice President Product Marketing Comet Yxlon

“Ariane has consistently provided unwavering support, propelling me forward on my leadership journey. Her guidance transcends mere advice; she possesses a distinctive ability to broaden the horizons of my perspective. She not only encourages me to embrace the other side but also fosters a deeper understanding.”
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