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management diagnostics

Finding the best leaders is a pivotal success factor for companies. Management tasks are becoming more and more demanding and the talent pool is tight. On average, the costs of incorrect appointments amount to around one annual salary and can also have fatal consequences for employee motivation. We help to better understand the strengths and development areas of managers and thereby reducing the risks of misshires.

how we proceed

The position-specific assessment of the skills and potential of an internal manager or an external candidate is fundamental for the quality of the diagnostic process. In a briefing call with the line manager and human resources, we analyze the exact requirements of each job holder and identify central, candidate-specific questions. 

In advance of the assessment, each candidate completes a set of scientifically based online questionnaires that help us to generate individual questions for each candidate. 

The 3-5 hour interview then represents the heart of the process and allows us to draw a detailed strengths and development profile of each candidate.

In a debriefing call with the line manager and human resources, we provide our evaluation of the strengths and development profile of the candidate and address key topics for successful onboarding. 

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