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horse-assisted coaching

Horses are highly sensitive to our emotions and implicit assumptions. By interacting with the horse, we gain insights into our effect on others. Non-verbal communication and presence, self-reflection through interaction are the focus of this horse-assisted intervention, which provides valuable impulses both as part of individual coaching and as team development.

Just for horse girls?

Horses ensure coexistence through a competency-generated hierarchy. They continuously check by nature whether the person they are interacting with is competent and whether they can trust them. They react intuitively, reflecting the relationship honestly and immediately. We can use those competences to gain insights about ourselves that are only conveyed much more indirectly in a human context. The horses we use for horse-assisted coaching are specifically trained to work with clients. Based on their individual questions, clients engage with the horses through various exercises and interactions. Findings that arise here are transferred into everyday life. Expertise with horses is not required.

Andrea U., Jungheinrich AG

"I was very busy at work and privately, I was looking for a personal coach and wanted to try something new. I turned to Ariane from MC2 and her horse-assisted coaching. Due to my leadership position, I had already taken part in a few coaching sessions in the past and was very curious, to what extent a horse can support me in my personal need for clarification. I was really positively surprised by what this form of coaching provoked inside me and what unknown sides it brought out in me that had not previously been revealed to me in classic coaching. After the sessions with her horse, Ariane helped me thanks to her very professional, friendly manner to give shape to the knowledge gained through working with the horse in a very goal-directed manner and to transform the insights into personal action points. It was a really great experience that I would like to wish everyone. Including the realization of what role this wonderful horse plays in this." 
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